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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal, Insurance, Certification FAQ

(+/-)  What is "certified" data?

(+/-)  What can you testify to in court (and where can you testify)?

(+/-)  An inspector said that I have had hail damage to the roof of my home.  I've lived in my house since 1995.  Can you tell me all of the dates that hail was reported in my area?

(+/-)  Lightning struck my house and damaged some of my belongings.  The insurance company said that I need to provide documentation in order to process the claim.  Do you have such information?

(+/-)  I had wind damage to my roof during a recent storm and the insurance company needs documentation of the wind speed.  Can you tell me what the wind gusts were during the storm?

(+/-)  I received daily data from a specific location, but I have some questions for the observer. Can you provide me their contact information?

Data and Data Services FAQ

(+/-)  I need climate data on a monthly (weekly, daily, etc…) basis, but I don’t want to have to call or order it each time.  Is there a way to obtain data on a regular basis?

(+/-)  I’m not comfortable using cli-MATE, is there another way in which I can receive my data on a regular basis?

(+/-)  What is the difference between hourly data, daily data, and monthly data?

(+/-)  I was looking through some daily and hourly data and noticed ’T’ listed at times in the precipitation and snowfall columns, what does that mean?

(+/-)  Do you provide sunrise and sunset data?  What about moon phases?

(+/-)  Can you provide climate data for locations outside your region?

(+/-)  If I cannot get a hold of anyone directly, how long might it take to get a return e-mail or phone call?

(+/-)  Why is there a cost associated with my data request?

(+/-)  How much will my data request cost?

Research FAQ

(+/-)  Are MRCC staff willing or able to collaborate on inter-disciplinary projects?

Education and Outreach FAQ

(+/-)  Does the MRCC have any education materials or know of any I can find?

(+/-)  Is the MRCC involved in any education, extension, and outreach projects?  Do you go into schools and speak to students?

Additional Information