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IMPORTANT - The Midwestern Regional Climate Center has been moved to Purdue University.

While we are committed to providing the same quality of services that many have come to expect of the MRCC, the transition might result in some tools and resources not functioning properly. We're aware of many of these issues and are making great efforts to get these issues fixed.

Please report any issues you'd like to bring to our attention here.

Thank you!

Welcome to cli-MATE: the MRCC's Application Tools Environment for accessing climate data and value-added tools.  If you are a new user, register for free access to cli-MATE using the "Register Here" button near the top of the page. For users that would like to download and access large amounts of climate data, the MRCC is still offering services to help you with those needs.

Use cli-MATE to look up such information as raw climate data, rankings of climate information, thresholds, growing season tools, maps, graphs, and much, much more.  The cli-MATE system has replaced our previous subscription data tool, MACS.  If you have questions regarding cli-MATE, please look at the Product Guide, send us your questions via our Feedback Page, or send us an email!


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