Weather Terminology

(+/-)  What is the difference between an Average and a Normal?

(+/-)  How about between an Average temperature and a Mean temperature?

(+/-)  What is the Heat Index?

(+/-)  What is the Wind Chill?

(+/-)  What are Degree Days (Heating, Cooling & Growing)?

Precipitation, Snowfall, Snow Depth

(+/-)  The climate data report I ordered lists precipitation. What types of precipitation does that include? What is Liquid Equivalent Precipitation?

(+/-)  What is the difference between snowfall and snow depth?


(+/-)  What does the wind direction in degrees mean?

(+/-)  What is a Wind Rose?

Severe Weather

(+/-)  When is a thunderstorm considered "severe"?

(+/-)  How fast are the winds in a tornado?

(+/-)  What is the difference between a watch and a warning?


(+/-)  What does Observation Time mean?

(+/-)  What is the difference between Dew Point temperature and Wet Bulb temperature?  What is Relative Humidity?