Weather/Climate-Related Data

GIS Weather and Climate DataGIS Data relating to weather and climate    The following links, mostly from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sites, offer downloads of data for various types of climatic and weather events.

Geographic Base Maps & Other Data

GIS Base and Geographic DataGIS Data for base maps and other data    The links below offer downloads of data in various GIS-ready formats for base maps and geographic layers.

What is GIS?

Typically, the acronym GIS stands for Geographic Information System.  However, it can depend on who you ask, as the “S” has been known to stand for Science as well.  Simply put, a GIS is a collection of data with a spatial component that can be used for visualization and analysis.  It is becoming increasingly useful in many occupations, including those in the fields of weather and climate.

Outside Resources:

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