The Seasons

The Reason for the Seasons The Reason for the Seasons    This National Geographic educational activity uses demonstrations, hands-on learning, and multimedia instruction to explain the relationship between the Sun and Earth, describe how the tilt and position of the Earth affects the seasons, and explain differences in direct and indirect sunlight.

Seasons Story BookSeasons Story Book    This children's story book from The Globe Program titled "The Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds" takes students along as Ms. Patel's class researches when the hummingbirds have gone and when they might return, focusing on the changing seasons.

Interactive Seasons ActivityInteractive Seasons Activity   An interactive website allows students to observe the reason for the seasons. As the earth rotates around the sun, the average monthly temperature of different cities around the earth are shown as they differ with the changing sun angles.

Seasons and Ecliptic SimulatorSeasons and Ecliptic Simulator   An interactive simulation of Earth's seasonal dynamics from University of Nebraska at Lincoln that includes the axial tilt and other aspects of the Earth's annual cycle.