Elementary School Level

MRCC: Color and Understand the Global Climate System book Color and Understand the Global Climate System    A fun way to learn the basics of the global climate system, targeted to grades 3-5. Each part of the climate system is presented as a black-and-white illustration to color, along with a brief explanation. This downloadable pdf file also contains a preface for teachers containing objectives, materials, and glossary.

Earth Systems Story Book Earth Systems Story Book    A children's story book from The Globe Program that joins a classroom of students as they gain an understanding of how the Earth works as a system while preparing their end of the school year play.

Winter Weather Teaching BoxWinter Weather Teaching Box   This Winter Weather Teaching Box from Spark science education is a themed collection of classroom-ready and standards-aligned activities, content, and multimedia that build student understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math in the context of winter weather.

Riding the Winds with Kalani Riding the Winds with Kalani: A Weather Adventure    This University of Illinois Extension website designed for 5-8 year olds with information on basic earth movements, seasons, clouds, precipitation, and temperature. This website includes activities, handouts, and teacher resources and is available in four languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean).

Clouds Story BookClouds Story Book  Cloud types are examined in this children's book "Do You Know That Clouds Have Names?" from The Globe Program.

The Water Cycle from AAASThe Water Cycle from AAAS    TA classroom lesson plan from Advancing Science, Serving Society (AAAS) that allows students to engage in hands on exercises that demonstrate the different phases of the water cycle.

The Water Cycle from CoCoRaHSThe Water Cycle from CoCoRaHS    An animated video from CoCoRaHS that explains the water cycle in a fun, easy to understand way for students.  (YouTube)

The Reason for the Seasons The Reason for the Seasons    This National Geographic educational activity uses demonstrations, hands-on learning, and multimedia instruction to explain the relationship between the Sun and Earth, describe how the tilt and position of the Earth affects the seasons, and explain differences in direct and indirect sunlight.

Seasons Story BookSeasons Story Book    This children's story book from The Globe Program titled "The Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds" takes students along as Ms. Patel's class researches when the hummingbirds have gone and when they might return, focusing on the changing seasons.


Elementary to Middle School Level

Winter Storms from The Weather ChannelWinter Storms    This activity from The Weather Channel gives students grades 3-5 the opportunity to survey family and community members to discover the worst winter storms in their community. For students grades 6-8, they will use the winter safety tips information provided to create a quick to administer to community members.  (pdf)

Interactive Seasons ActivityInteractive Seasons Activity   An interactive website allows students to observe the reason for the seasons. As the earth rotates around the sun, the average monthly temperature of different cities around the earth are shown as they differ with the changing sun angles.

A student's guide to Global Climate Change - epa.govA Student's Guide to Global Climate Change    Created for a younger age group, this website from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) teaches the basic causes of climate change and its effects on modern society.