DATA NETWORKS INFO:  Regional & National Summary

Regional and National Data Networks

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Data from many surface networks are available to the atmospheric science and hydrology communities.  Select a link for more detailed information on that network, or see the summary table below for an overview of available observations.

Summary Table of Regional and National Networks

Near real-time/archived data available for air temperature (AirT); relative humidity (RH); wind (speed, direction, sometimes gust); precipitation (Ppt); snowfall and snow depth (Snow), solar radiation (Solar); barometric pressure (Press); soil temperature at various levels; soil moisture at various levels; and derived dew point temperature (Td).  Number of stations are approximate and for the continental US.

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Network Map Start
Sites AirT RH Wind Ppt Solar Press Snow Soil
ASOS Open map of ASOS 1990s 850 X X X X   X       X
AWOS Open map of AWOS 1990s 650 X X X X   X       X
AWDN Open map of AWDN 1990s 147 X X X X X     X   X
CoCoRaHS Open map of CoCoRaHS 1998 12,500       X     (X)      
GL Buoys Open map of GL BUOYS 1979 106 X   X     X        
HADS   1990s 15,000 (X) (X) (X) X             
US COOP Open map of US COOP 1890 7,500 X     X     X      
FORTS Open map of FORTS 1790-1892 326 X X X X   X X      
RAWS Open map of RAWS 1980s 1,850 X X X X X     (X)    X
SCAN Open map of SCAN 1991 165 X X X X X X   X X X
SWMP Open map of SWMP 1995 28 X X X X X X         
USCRN Open map of US CRN 2001 106 X X X X X     X X  
RCRN Open map of RCRN 2006 92 X     X