Map Run Times

Maps on the MRCC web site are updated on a regular daily schedule, with some maps updated several times per day. The update schedule is based on data availability and server load, so the times below may be approximate.

AWSSI Data HH:39
VIP Chilling Hours 4:30 AM
VIP Frost/Freeze, County Guidance 9:24 AM, then at HH:55 and HH:25 if new data available
VIP Hours Below Freezing 11:45 AM
Climate Watch: Cli-DAP Hourly Maps 11:45 AM
VIP Frost/Freeze, Station Data 12:15 PM
Climate Watch: NOHRSC Snow Maps 12:15 PM
Climate Watch: Daily Temp & Precip 12:30 PM
Climate Watch: 'Public' Freeze 12:30 PM
MWDEWS DWOP (Days Without Precip) 12:30 PM
RMP: Soil Temp and PET Maps 2:15 PM
MWDEWS ET and Water Balance 2:15 PM
VIP Stress Degree Days 2:45 PM
Climate Watch: gridded map products 9:15 AM, 1:15 PM, 7:15 PM