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Accumulated Precipitation Percentage Flood Watches on Sept 9 Average Temperature Departure

Midwest Weekly Highlights - September 1-9, 2014

Streaky Precipitation

Precipitation totals for the first nine days of the month ranged from less than 10% of normal to more than three times normal (Figure 1). Wet and dry areas were varied over little distance with most of the Midwest states experiencing both very dry and very wet regions in close proximity. Severe weather reports (Figure 2) were also streaky but not always in patterns to match the wet and dry areas. Heavy rains were developing over the Midwest as the period came to and end with widespread flood watches on the 9th (Figure 3).

Warmer Temperatures in the East

Below normal temperatures were mainly reported in Iowa with the coolest areas of west central Iowa averaging about 3°F below normal. Further from Iowa, the temperatures were above normal, with the warmest departures in eastern Ohio and Kentucky reaching 4°F above normal (Figure 4).

Harvest Approaches

Late summer rains have continued to shrink the few remaining drought areas, with just a tiny part of southwest Missouri still in drought (Figure 5). Even the abnormally dry areas have shrunk to less than 7% of the region, though those areas affect portions of all nine states in the region. With little heat stress and most areas receiving sufficient rains this summer, yield projections are generally running high, especially for corn. Some areas in the southern two-thirds of the region are expecting record yields. Further north, where planting was delayed, there are more concerns about crop maturity and possible damage if an early frost strikes soon.