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Frost/Freeze Guidance

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NCRS PRISM Climate Data ServerNRCS National Water and Climate Center's PRISM Climate Data Server

This is a map-based interface allowing one to access various climate data for any 4km x 4km grid-cell in the contiguous 48 states.  It offers the ability to retrieve the dates of the last 28F and the last 32F in the Spring and the first 32F and first 28F in the Fall for each year from 1960 - 2001 (soon through 2006).

Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic LaboratoryPurdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory

Submit your digital sample via P&PDL's app. The Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission app is a joint effort with 8 universities to provide a way to easily submit digital images of plant problems or pests on the go. Available for iOS.

National Weather Service National Weather Service Headline Definitions

Hard Freeze Warning:  Minimum shelter temperature is forecast to be 28°F or less (slightly lower or higher based on local criteria) during the locally defined growing season.

Freeze Warning:  Minimum shelter temperature is forecast to be 32°F or less during the locally defined growing season (occurring or imminent).

Freeze Watch:  Conditions are favorable for a freeze event to meet or exceed Freeze Warning criteria in the next 12 to 48 hours during the locally defined growing season (conditions are favorable or expected but not occurring or imminent).

Frost Advisory:  Minimum shelter temperature forecast to be 33°F to 36°F during the locally defined growing season, on nights with good radiational cooling conditions (e.g., light winds and clear skies)


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