Welcome to the Regional Mesonet Program!

The Regional Mesonets And Partners Project (RMP) is a collaboration of multiple states and mesonet groups.  It offers the opportunity to see the regional value of mesonet data when various networks are brought together. 

The MRCC is proud to host operational product maps from various mesonet groups around its region, which are updated daily.  Mesonets are a collection of observation stations that gather information about the environment such as atmospheric, soil, and moisture conditions (see the Summary Table of Midwest Mesonets on the Data Networks page).  Mesonets are often developed to serve a particular audience such as a state’s agricultural community, but the data collected can often be valuable to other groups outside of their target audience. 

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Under bare soil, under sod, and PET for both current 24-hour and 7-day periods All of the current maps, archived back to 6/18/2014 GIS-based versions of current maps and station metadata Pages for About and Partners of the Regional Mesonet Program



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