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MRCC Website, Database, and eNewsletter Privacy Policy

We care deeply about your privacy and our relationship with you. This privacy policy explains what type of information is collected from you when you visit our web site.

MRCC does not collect personally-identifying information from our web site unless you choose to provide that information to us. Unless otherwise stated on our web site, we collect the email addresses of those who communicate with us via email and information volunteered by you such as but not limited to list signup information, survey information, and/or site registrations. For each visitor that signs up for our data access or eNewsletter list, we collect only the information that is requested on the registration form(s). Required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*). Upon request, we will provide you with any information (e.g., email address, name, etc.) that we maintain about you.

Your e-mail address will only be used by MRCC and will never be provided to an organization outside of MRCC not specifically working on an e-mail or Web related project for us. Most or all of our website and e-mail projects are done in-house by MRCC staff.

Like all web servers, MRCC’s web server automatically creates log files for each visitor who accesses our site. These “access logs” allow us to make our site more useful to our visitors. The access logs do NOT record a visitor’s name, address, phone number, credit card numbers, or any other personally-identifying information. Rather, they contain some or all of the following information:

  • The Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of the machine which accessed our web site
  • The date of the visit
  • The time of the visit
  • The path taken through our Web site
  • The browser being used
  • A list of files downloaded or viewed
  • The amount of time spent browsing our site
  • Any errors encountered

Site traffic information may be used to create a demographic profile of our website traffic base so that we can improve our content and services. MRCC does not share our site traffic information with other entities outside of the University of Illinois and NOAA for any purpose. We submit monthly reports on the quantity of website traffic for infrastructure and bandwidth planning purposes. We also adhere to the University of Illinois privacy policy.

We may also maintain information to customize the content and/or layout of our email messages or web pages for each individual visitor, to notify you about updates to our web site and services, to send you e-mail newsletters, and to provide you with the products and/or services for which you signed-up or registered, which may include sending service disruption notices or other service- or product-related information via email.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact the MRCC Service Office at 765-494-6574 or via email:

Last updated 16 Aor 2018