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Further Reading

If you would like to learn more about the Great Flood of 1913, below are publications you may find interesting:

Trudy E. Bell blog Trudy E. Bell's blog with articles and research on the 1913 Flood.

Also by Trudy Bell, 'Our National Calamity': The Great Easter 1913 Flood.
2013 is the centennial of the United States' now-forgotten most widespread natural disaster - the Great Easter 1913 monumental storm system, tornadoes, and floods that devastated the industrial north from Nebraska to the Atlantic seaboard and down the Mississippi.
IUPUI Logo Scarpino, Philip V., Nancy M. Germano (2009). A View of the Valley: The 1913 Flood in West Indianapolis, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), 183p. [free pdf download from IUPUI available at: ]
Ohio Historical Society Logo Ohio History Connection's (formerly Ohio Historical Society) '1913 Statewide Flood' web section, part of their Severe Weather in Ohio series in their Digital Collections.
Indianapolis Museum of Art Conceived by artist Mary Miss, FLOW: Can You See the River? is a city-wide public art project in Indianapolis that reveals how ordinary activities are connected to the history, ecology, origin and potential of the White River water system. The project appears along a six-mile stretch of the river, with stopping points located on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and along the Central Canal at Butler University and continuing to White River State Park downtown.
Ohio and Erie Canalway Logo The Flood of 1913 and the Ohio & Erie Canal tells the story of the demise of this important transportation route prior to the Great Flood.
Marshal Everett Cover Everett, Marshall (1913). Tragic Story Of America's Greatest Disaster: Tornado, Flood and Fire In Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska And Mississippi Valey. A Graphic And Startling Account of The Most Thrilling Personal Experiences, Awful Tragedies, miraculous Escapes, Acts of Herois and Self-Sacrifice, Told By The Survivors And Rescuers. Chicago: J. S. Ziegler Company, 320p. [free ebook download available at: Digitized by Google]
Nellis Funk cover Funk, Nellis R. (1913). A Pictorial History Of The Great Dayton Flood. Dayton: The Otterbein Press, 63p. Retrieved 2009-08-15. [free ebook download available at: Digitized by Google]
Alfred Henry cover Henry, Alfred Judson (1913). The Floods of 1913 in the rivers of the Ohio and the lower Mississippi Valleys. Washington: Government Printing Office, 117p. [free ebook download available online at: Digitized by The Library of Congress]
Logan Marshall cover Marshall, Logan (1913). The True Story Of Our National Calamity Of Flood, Fire and Tornado: The Appalling Loss Of Life, The Terrible Suffering Of The Homeless, The Struggles For Safety. L. T. Myers, 320p. [free ebook download available at : Digitized by Google]
Herbert Prochnow cover Prochnow, Herbert Victor, Thomas Herbert; J. Martin Miller (1913). America's Greatest Flood and Tornado Calamity: Authentic Story Of These Appalling Disasters, Graphics And Complete Accounts of The Terrible Floods In Ohio, Indiana And Other States. Hundred Swept Into Eternity. Soul-Stirring Stories Told By Eyewitnesses, University of Michigan, 320p. [free ebook download available at: Digitized by Google]